Yep, over here at Human Element, we’ve taken a leap to the dark side of the Internet.

We’re blogging.

It’s not a decision we took lightly. We know our team is putting the pedal to the metal already, and their time is valuable to them, to us, and to our clients. Not to mention that I don’t recall the last time a colleague or client told me they have oodles of time to read a blog.

But we see this as a way to add value, to get a little more information out there that’s not about us as much as it is for you; to elicit even the occasional “Aha!” or “Neat idea” or “I hear ya, bro…”

This will give all our staff the opportunity to talk about the business we live, breathe and even occasionally love. We all have many insights, and we needed a place to share. Plus, what better way to invite discussion with you about the world of marketing, and encourage your comments and debate.

And yes, it’s good for SEO… We’ve read the other blogs and we get that.

We talked about Tweeting, about Flickering, about Facebooking, about Linking you In in countless other ways. Occasionally these social media will be handy, but generally, we’re of the mindset that there is the right tool for the right job and we’re focusing on this blog as another window into our world.

Drop in when you have a moment to spare. We promise we’ll keep it short, smart and maybe even a little silly.

Oh, and what do you think of our new website? Props to the whole [HE] Crew for pulling it together, and Gold Props to our WebGuru Jay for bringing his sharp mind and more than a few weekend hours to the cause. It was worth his effort, we think.

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