The CMPX Show is Here

It’s that time of year again!  The annual Canadian Mechanical and Plumbers Exposition is almost upon us!  If you are NOT in the HVAC or plumbing industries, CMPX is a huge every-other-year tradshow for those in the heating, cooling, plumbing, ventilation and air quality industries.  That means the team at Human Element is getting busy getting stuff done for our clients.

We’re in the midst of putting together a product catalogue, some product fliers, a slideshow and some posters – and of course updating our client’s websites!

Deadlines like these can create stress, but they can also be of great inspiration.  There is nothing quite like a looming deadline to squeeze the best out of you to get stuff done.  This is often when I get the most things done.

If you can learn to embrace the deadline, you can use the stress to create high-quality products that meet your deadlines and exceed client’s expectations.  It can be one of the most productive times in your company – and once it’s all said and done, you’ll feel a great source of accomplishment.

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