Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing by definition is a facet of CRM (customer relationship marketing) that focuses on customer loyalty and long term retention, rather than short-term customer acquisition and one off sales. (more…)


7 Tips For Starting A Succesful Business Partnership

As they say, there are a lot of fish in the sea. Finding the right fish or partner can appear to be simple. Two best friends get an idea, decide to create a business and build their business and grow wealthy beyond imagination. That’s how the story goes, right? Unfortunately, most partnerships end poorly. Hence, picking the right co-founder is a complicated decision and important decision that could determine the fate of your venture. To help simplify your decision process, here are seven tips for starting a successful business partnership.



Yep, over here at Human Element, we’ve taken a leap to the dark side of the Internet.

We’re blogging.


Tweet Tweet

I finally did, took the plunge and joined Twitter. So now everyone can know what is on my mind…. but why would they want to?



Social Advertising Trends for 2019

North American marketers spent over $10.45 billion on social platforms this year, allocating 20% of their digital ad spending to social media.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, from the Human Element Team.  We’ll be back  Next week with regularity scheduled posts, and we want to hear your new year’s resolutions!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, from the Human Element Team.  We’ll be back with regularity scheduled posts on January 7th, and until then all the best


5 Last Minute Christmas Marketing Strategies

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is now or never to standout from the crowd and get your promotion and brand noticed by the right target market.


holiday marketing

Holiday Email Marketing

What can you do to direct holiday traffic toward your brand, and capture some extra holiday revenues through email marketing?


3 Mistakes to Avoid When Branding your Business