About Us

Technology moves very fast these days.  New smartphones, faster internet, and new products mean the way we live at home is changing.  Your Business and Home, however, is still stuck in the year it was built.

The gears inside a business can be updated, and your business can be made smart – ready and willing to do the work for you.

The interior workings of your home can be upgraded, and your home can be made to be smarter that the sum of its parts.

Bring your home and business into the 21st century.

Who are we

We are a family, friends and dedicated geeks who all want to make our Lives better.

A Business is your income, source of security: why not let it run at full steam?

A home is the biggest purchase of your life; why not upgrade it for the years to come?

By incorporating our passion for the principles of good design across all our projects, we build solutions that make the lives of all we touch better. Human Element provides the right level of technology for the job, efficient installation, exceptional fit and finish and outstanding customer service.