5 Last Minute Christmas Marketing Strategies

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is now or never to standout from the crowd and get your promotion and brand noticed by the right target market.

Here are 5 strategies to activate your potential customers and secure last minute sales.

Free Shipping Day

Join companies large and small that are participating in Free Shipping Day on December 18.  Use the hashtag #freeshipping to join the conversation and get extra exposure to your brand.  Follow this link free shipping day to sign your business up today.

Email Marketing Campaign

Create an email campaign to your database that includes special offers that they can’t help but click on right away and purchase. Not only will you be giving your customers last-minute gift ideas, but an easy way for them to make a purchase.

Map out a quick calendar of topics, specials, and products to feature. Keep your emails short and sweet and feature product pictures with a short description and price.  You can also segment products by person (Gift for Dad) or by price (Gift under $20), making your emails easy to navigate and read.  Include a clear subject line with a clear call-to-action and use keywords like “last-minute”, “gift ideas”, or “last chance” to entice last minute shoppers.  Also be sure to announce up coming sales and ways for customers to share the specials on social media.

Christmas Countdown Sale

Create a sales event that offers a new promotion each day leading up to Christmas.  It is a great way to keep your customers engaged and it is a fun way for them to count down the days until Christmas.  You can build a calendar with daily offers, product specials, or fun and engaging items like gift tips or recipes.  Your event can last as long as a few weeks or as short as a few days.

Use all your social platforms as the driving force for the campaign. A way to tie them together is to designate a specific hashtag to the event on social media.  Of course you should also advertise your campaign on your website, through a newsletter, and other direct contact you have with your customers.

Charitable Involvement / Donations

Choose a charity that you really believe in and donate a percentage of sales to the cause or simple donate your time to the organization.  Donating to a cause is something that people will really get behind and it helps your companies social image.  After all the holidays are about the spirit of giving.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is one of the best ways to turn browsers into buyers. Native ads look like part of a stream so they’re not intrusive, but rather offer information about your product or service right where shoppers are apt to see it. The major social platforms all offer advertising at predominantly charge for interactions only. The great thing about social media advertising is the ability to target exact demographics so that your brand is seen by your target market.

Get Help Today

If you would like help developing and implementing your holiday online marketing strategy, contact Human Element. Our experts can help you craft the perfect campaign – and then keep those sales coming all throughout the new year.

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